Ditch the Resolutions

21st Dec 2019

Ditch the Resolutions

Written by Joseph McCrory

With 2020 quickly approaching, the gym dialogue has begun to focus on the New Year and updated resolutions for healthier weights, better nutritional habits, and increased strength. We are beginning to promise ourselves and our friends of commitments to start or continue going to the gym, changing our diets, or losing those 10 pounds we were unable to last year. While we all plan to follow-through with accomplishing our goals in the new year, how many of you are going to be focusing on those goals in February? Sadly, based on historic perspective, the answer is not many. Most resolutions are temporary, randomly established, and have no real motive behind them, except for the need to establish resolutions or the casual ideas we have about goals and our bodies.

This year, my recommendation is to focus on taking sustainable steps towards better overall health from a complete picture of physical, mental, and emotional health. Start by creating daily intentions and routines that support your well-being and will add up towards better overall health, whether increased energy, improved digestion, or a happier mindset. Ditch those resolutions for daily intentions. As the word describes, you intend to accomplish it and you are committed to taking daily steps to achieve it. Whatever it is, we intend to have it; we intend to do it; and we intend on accomplishing it. It changes the mindset around the goals from short-term resolutions, due to the holiday, to decisions and objectives we want and we are committed to doing the work to achieve them daily. For example, for our health, we should all have intentions on consistently making it better, not just achieving a milestone along the way.

Ditch the resolutions and opt for daily intention for a better 2020.