Stretching for Strength Yoga

All Levels Welcome


  • Expand Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Improve Balance
  • Increase Well-being
  • Develop Coordination
  • Enrich Mood
  • Build Strength
  • Enhance Cardiovascular Efficiency
  • Improve Posture
  • Heighten Awareness
  • Decrease Pain
  • Diminish Injury
  • Increase Concentration

 Meet the Instructor

Alicia was first introduced to yoga during her undergrad at the University of West Florida. She has been practicing for over eight years, and teaching professionally since Feb. 2013. Her teaching style is intuitive and shines from the heart. Alicia hopes to inspire sustainability and alternative medicines while collectively working with students from various backgrounds to encourage a new community in the Gulf Coast. Footprints Yoga is her dream manifest. She appreciates the support of fellow teachers, students and friends throughout the Gulf Coast area.


Alicia’s one-on-one classes will include an Ayurvedic analysis of the client’s body type, formal make up of the elements: water, fire, air and earth, to help them better understand their diet, need for yoga practice, and ability to find longevity for quality of life.
Schedule your one-on-one session today by emailing Alicia at

Alicia A. Tappan
Passionate, Energetic, and Dedicated


Wednesday – 7:30am