A Word of Kindness

13th Mar 2020

A Word of Kindness

Written by Joseph McCrory

Today is the day to believe in people, encourage them, and give them hope. Believing in people can provide the injection of hope they need to fulfill their potential and become great. It is told that Thomas Edison was sent home in the third grade because he was too dense to learn. His mother believed in him, disenrolled him, and began home schooling the young boy. No one today knows the name of the negative, opinionated third-grade teacher, but the world knows Thomas Edison.

Enrico Caruso, one of the greatest tenors to ever sing was turned away after his first voice lesson with his teacher telling him he couldn’t sing and his voice was painful to the ear. While poor, his mother with visions of greatness for her son, vowed to sacrifice whatever she needed to pay for lessons with another tutor. She believed in him. She believed in his talent to sing and she believed he would be great. Her confidence and constant encouragement paid off producing, what some argue to be, the best ever operatic tenor.

Only a word of kindness,

But it lightened one heart of its grief;

Only a word of sympathy,

But it brought one soul relief.

Only a word of gentle cheer,

But it flooded with radiant light

The pathway that seemed so dark before,

And it made the day more bright.

What positive word will you speak into the life of someone today? How will you encourage someone with a hug who is down? How will you motivate someone today to be great by giving them hope to accomplish their dreams?