Building Strength After 40

1st Sep 2023

Building Strength After 40

Written by Joseph McCrory

Can you build strength after 40? Absolutely!

We know we can become weaker as we age and it is true, we will experience physical decline as we age, but strength can be improved at any age, and older adults who train regularly can become incredibly strong. With continued training, they can hold much of that strength very late in life affording them the opportunity for an independent life.

Think of it like this: If you do not use it, you will lose it and you certainly will not improve it.

People who are sedentary will start weak and become ever weaker if they do not start strength training. Similarly, an active person who stops training will grow weaker quickly and then gradually become weaker as years pass. 

The flip side is amazing though…

Inactive people who start working out at any age become stronger—often quite quickly at first. As people continue to train, they will gradually gain more strength. If they continue working out over their entire lives, they can become very strong, and they will lose strength due to advanced age at a much slower rate. 

These people retain their capabilities later in life even as inactive people around them lose their independence! 

We have seen people well over 70 gain strength and dramatically improve function, so if you are over 40, it is definitely not too late to start.  

Strength Training Over 40 – Three Secrets 

Here are three tips for gaining strength after 40

1. You have to work out consistently. 

Building strength is about momentum. If you train 2-4 times a week and do the right stuff, you can become stronger and stronger, but you cannot work out for a month and then take a month off. If you do, you will lose your progress. 

2. You have to do the right things the right way at the right times. 

Strength training is a balance of stress and recovery, and you can definitely do too much or too little. Similarly, doing the same things over and over will blunt their effect. You need some variety and something called “progressive overload” to ensure you always make progress. Progressive overloading avoids plateauing and stalling with your performance gains. And then you need to make sure you do the movements properly. Do not stress about all this – our professional coaching staff can help you.

3. Nutrition is also important. 

You cannot drive a vehicle without fuel, and your body will not become stronger without the right food. Protein is important, and so are vitamins and minerals. Carbs and fats figure into the equation, too. Again, if you want to dive into nutrition and optimize your fitness,  talk to one of the coaching team or have us connect you with someone who meets your needs.

Start Lifting

Remember, it is never too late to start working out. People who start working out usually notice changes in strength fast. As the body “wakes up” and connects the brain to the muscles that are already there, people get stronger very quickly.

Later, with great training and nutrition, people generally notice a few more changes such as clothes fitting differently, moving becomes easier and more fun, and they usually add a little bit of muscle. 

Don’t worry about becoming bulky. If you gain muscle, it will happen slowly, and you will look “fit” rather than “bulky.” You don’t have to be big to be strong.

We would love to help you accomplish your goals. We specialize in building strength in people over 40, and we will tell you exactly how we can help you do it in a free consultation. 

You came here to find out if you can get stronger after 40. Now you know that you can. You just have to start training.

Don’t waste another day!